Baker Beach

Today me and my friend, Audrey, went to Baker Beach to get our spring break on. Yes it was sunny and beautiful, but it also had winds at 100 MPH. That may be an exaggeration, although it was really, really windy. We were cold and I got food in my hair. Other than that it was a fab day. Earlier this night, Audrey took me to her fellow company member’s dance production, Touch. If you’re in the San Francisco area, I highly recommend it. The dancers perform around the audience, so you get this really immersive experience which I enjoyed.








Stay sunny, SF




In one of my school mandated jaunts to Pier 24, I decided to seize the day and enjoy this freakin beautiful San Francisco day. Also, Pier 24 is super cool and worth a trip, but keep in mind you have to make a reservation to go. After, head to the ferry building and enjoy all the yummy goods (Miette, anyone?). The sun, the breeze, the Blue Bottle coffee… Ah to be in California.












Summertime is now


New York: Part Two

This post is inspired by the Real New York. The kind of New York that makes you want to walk on slippery ice just to get a good shot, and then you consequently fall on your arm leaving you a disabled mess for days afterward. Not that this happened to me, just, you know, it¬†could¬†happen. Anyway, more NY tips! Lil and I hit up Monument Lane for brunch and OMG so good. The chicken and waffles is pictured below (I know I’m a bad vegetarian, but Lily is a worse vegan. Somehow this makes me feel better) but I really dug the Heritage Ham Hash. Like I still think about it it’s that good. Also, FIT has a little museum which is FREE so definitely take advantage of that. And the Embark Subway app = your new best friend. A must have, otherwise you end up staring at the Subway maps like a spaz.













Watch out for ice,


New York: Part One

New York, baby! I took too many photos, and I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so this photo diary is coming in two parts. What I’m showing here is all the iconic, if not completely tourist run, side of New York: The Plaza, 30 Rock, Grand Central Station. Even St Patricks Cathedral (isn’t St Patty’s coming up? Least fave holiday, but beau-ti-ful church). The first two I would definitely recommend, regardless of the tourist label you may get from visiting. Grand Central, on the other hand, is something you can pass. It is supremely gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but there’s not a lot to do except, you know, get on a train. Only go if you’re in the area.

















Get ready for part two! Coming soon to theaters near you!


An American in Montreal


Holy Toledo, Batman! Has it really been almost a month since my last post? That’s my bad guys. But travel happened! Did I, the delicate little California flower, freeze? Yes, I did. But did I persevere and bravely face the 19 degree weather anyway? Why, yes, I most certainly did. Montreal is cool, guys! And I mean that in the figurative way and literal way. Loved Old Montreal the most (even though Olive & Gourmondo was closed). My heart just swells at horses on cobblestone streets, as cheesy as it may be.















New mantra, il fait froid


A Tale of Two Cities


So, big announcement! I am doing spring break in style this year, Lily and I are hitting up Montreal and NYC in little over a month! Well, Lil lives in Montreal (college and whatnot) so that part won’t be as exciting for her as it is for me, but New York, baby! My aunt has an apartment on the Upper West Side, so that’s where the whole NY in style comes from. I’m picturing all my favorite NY sets (Friends, You’ve Got Mail, Gossip Girl) and predicting that it will be just like that. I will eat yogurt on the steps of the Met, have pizza delivered, and buy sharpened pencils‚Ķ or something. Basically I’m excited.

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Montreal, on the other hand, I have less of a picture for. I mean, it’s kinda French and old looking but also it’s Canadian, which means hockey and niceness and more hockey? I don’t know the only real ideas of Canada I have are from old episodes of Degrassi and How I Met Your Mother, which I’m fairly certain are 100% accurate.

Anyway, from the little research I’ve done it sounds like the food in good ol’ Montreal is pretty killer. That and that the winters are no fucking joke. But I look to the positive! I get to brush up on my extremely rusty French! Ce est vraiment mauvais.

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Bon Voyage!


*All images curtsy of Pinterest

Travel Diary: Holiday Edition

*Warning: Prepare yourself for a photo onslaught.


6:00 a.m.–¬†Coffee and cinnamon rolls to motivate me to wake up

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7:30 a.m.- Final once over before leaving my cottage 

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8:00- Good Morning, Oakland Airport!

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9:07 a.m.- Casually adoring the french bulldog puppy the British couple sitting next to me has

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11:12 a.m.- Arrive at my aunts house on the Venice canals

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2:30 p.m.- Tables are set, ready to be filled with turkey

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2:45 p.m.- Thanksgiving Festivities commence 

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My Thanksgiving was actually the best. It was one of those perfect holiday moments where you don’t know that many people, but you’re bonded by the merriment and (let’s be honest) liberal amounts of wine. So while there was still family at my Thanksgiving, I also feasted with my aunts makeup artist, a former Australian model, and a family of British actors (they were particularly hilarious to me, I mean they brought a trifle and talked about their son going to Oxford. It was so adorably¬†British).¬†It was such an L.A. Thanksgiving, it was perfect.


1:00 p.m.- Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is great in a kitschy kind of way. 

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*Me and my aunt, the Bold and the Beautiful’s Alley Mills

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*My mom and Alley

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3:00 p.m.- A visit to Alley’s neighbors¬†jewelry¬†boutique: Irene Neuwirth, self titled¬†

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3:30 p.m.- Final stop at Carolina Herrera 

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My Black Friday was more like Gold Friday. And I mean literal gold, Alley gave me this moisturizer to use that she got at the Emmys and it has 24k gold in it. We didn’t really move in the morning, there was much sitting on the porch drinking coffee in our pajamas. At 11 we all decided to get up and to the Beverly Hills Hotel for lunch (my mom’s been fixated since we watch Saving Mr.Banks a couple weeks ago). The hotel is ridiculous, everything is pink and green and white and 40’s-esque. It’s touristy, yes, but in the same way Disneyland is touristy. Like you have to love it. After lunch we decided to visit Irene’s store, despite the fact that she wan’t there (I still haven’t met her, but I possibly will tonight). If you haven’t heard of her, she makes fine jewelry for a younger crowd, all of it fanatically glitzy and colorful. Whats really great about her store is that it’s designed like a home almost. There are normal jewelry cases in the front, but in the back there are bookshelves and couches and a kitchen even (I took pictures of it but I didn’t like how they turned out so I didn’t put them in) which is all decorated in a kind of luxury rainforest motif. If you have some money to burn, I fully recommend her stuff. It is sincerely gorgeous. Across the street from Irene’s store was Carolina Herrera, who possibly is my favorite red carpet designer (Seen here on¬†Lucy Liu, Emmy Rossum, and my girl Taylor) so, obviously, we had to stop in. This may possibly have been my favorite stop because the pretty Brazilian saleswoman who worked there told me I had a nice complexion, which coming from her (as she must see beautiful people daily) means a lot. She was also the sweetest retail worker I have met, when we left she gave us all hugs and kisses. The whole day made me feel fairly L.A. glamour and leaves me feeling better about probably having to move down here in the future.

So that was my holiday! Jealous?

Happy turkey day,