Winter Wear

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As you may have read, I am heading back east in two weeks. As you may have seen on the news, the east coast is essentially just one great big heap on snow now. Considering it has been a beautiful 75 degrees and sunny here in the Bay, I have to start mentally preparing myself for temperatures such as, oh I don’t know, 7. SEVEN. SEPT. Urgh, Canada.

I gathered a roundup of clothes (thanks Pinterest) that may actually keep me from freezing while maintaining a certain amount of style. Here’s hoping I can emulate them!







Don’t freeze



Fave Style Blogs


I have the tendency to procrastinate, be it school work or sending thank you cards (I will get on those soon, like tonight or tomorrow for sure). SO, to help with the procrastination, I have my favorite fashion blogs that I stalk- I mean follow- so that I’m not just sitting in bed binge watching Friends, although I do that too tbh. So here’s the list of my favorites, in case you’re in a similar procrastination situation.



If you’re looking for a blogger with a grownup office work style, then this is the blog for you! Not only does she have a cute little baby girl who just makes you go “Awwww”, but Ahn is the homegirl from the Bay! Gotta love that.


Cupcakes and Cashmere


While the style on C&C is always trendy and colorful, this blog is also great for home decor, advice, recipes, basically everything. Emily’s giving Martha Stewart a run for her money, she’s got that whole perfect looking life thing going on, especially now that she has a baby girl on the way.




While Polienne is a for recent blog I’ve been following, literally only like a week now, although I’ve been admiring her style unknowingly on Pinterest for many moons. That bob, those sunglasses, how many languages can I say “I love” in? Well since Paulien is based in Antwerp, Belgium I guess I’ll just say it in Dutch: Ik hou van (yes, I did google that).




If there is one blogger that completely and totally shares my penchant for the monotone color palate, it’s Levi. Not only does she have fab style and a gorge blog, but she’s ONLY TWENTY-ONE. I’m twenty and she is twenty-one. Way to screw up the blogging curve.


The Style Eater


If you like some sass with your style, then Janelle can hook you up. Plus she works at InStyle and loves jeans almost as much as I do, so obviously this blog is a goodie.


Happily Grey


Another recent addition to my blogger rotation, Happily Grey has some seriously great fashion for ya. Just trust me on this one, Mary will inspire you.


Jess Hannah


Jess’s real profession is a jeweler, but her blog is also sups enviable. I mean, even disregarding her style, her vacation photos have me longing for the beach (like I actually want to buy a swimsuit, and I hate swimming). Also, doesn’t this photo give you mad¬†Devil in a Blue Dress¬†vibes? Take me to L.A. and ask me to solve a murder, why doncha.


Hope these inspired you as they inspire me!


All I Want for Christmas…


I pretty much ignore all those “Gift Guide/Wish List for Her/The Only Time You Can Justify Buying $50 Soaps” blog posts. I think when gift giving you should personalize, not just buy really nice, expensive, but ultimately generic presents. Now, with that said (it was weighing on me), this is my¬†personal¬†wish list. I email my mom these links and she gets the general idea of the type of things I want for Christmas. It’s inspirational! Or something. Basically I just really like to online shop, and this justifies it.

1. Fringed Kimono Jacket- Zara ($59.90)

2. Black Arizona- Birkenstock ($89.95)

3. Transport Tote- Madewell ($168.00)

4. Wayfarer- Ray-Ban ($155.00)

5. Penguin Play Pajama Top- Madewell ($88)

6. Ultimate Leather Jacket- Madewell ($528)

But really, all I want for Christmas is you. 



That Natural Dewy Look


This weather is wreaking havoc on my skin. The weather has finally gotten a little colder, that is if you consider 55 degrees cold. So it’s a little colder, and considering that California hasn’t seen any real rain for the past year or so, it’s pretty freakin dry too. Consequently, my skin is producing mass amounts of oil trying to compensate for this dry weather (I may have done some Googling to find this answer) and I’m breaking out like crazy. Also it makes my bangs look greasy by midday.

Which is why I’m daydreaming about beautiful dewy skin. Guess you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a full makeup set that’ll give you a natural, dewy look guaranteed (probably).


1. PERRICONE MD No Blush Blush (warm rosy pink) $35

2. BOBBI BROWN Creamy Concealer Kit (Ivory) $35

3. BENEFIT COSMETICS Brow Zings (Light) $32

4. TARTE LipSurgence Lip Tint (Grateful) $24

5. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (Finland) $42

6.  bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara (Black) $18

7. SMASHBOX Limitless Eye Liner (Java) $19

*Please note that these colors are based of my ghostly complexion, adjust colors according to your own skin tone