Favorite Things

PicMonkey Collage

1. Happily Grey’s insta Maldives photos have me salivating for the tropics

2. I made this strawberry-ruhbarb pie for Easter

3. These bookends are minimalist perfection

4. Nina Dobrev is leaving the Vampire Diaries and I’m distraught

5. Love this spiral staircase

6. Statistics on the New York City Ballet which prove how hardcore ballerinas are

7. If Carrie Bradshaw wrote her column in 2015

8. My friend has created Kanye Code for all you Kanye fanatics out there (*sorry no link yet)

9. Tips on getting your blogger visitors to keep following

Happy hump day, y’all





Today was a bright shiny California day so I took roamed around one of Oakland “up and coming” neighborhoods: Temescal. (Tem-eh-scal, not Te-meh-scal) Most of my favorite places, I’m looking at you Bakesale Betty with your crazy changing hours, were closed so I went to Cholita Linda for the first time. Fish tacos + strawberry/mango aqua fresca = delicious heaven. Plus it’s got this fun Miami vibe, which is nice because I would never actually want to go to Miami so this is a nice alternative.








Sunshine forever!


Little Things


Today is the first day of spring break, so I decided to do some spring cleaning. That’s what normal college kids do on spring break, right? This week I have absolutely nothing going on so I vow to shoot and post every single day. I vow it.

Anyway, these are just small things that I like. Afternoon light, lightweight cardigans, and matches, I guess.  (Hint, I just thought they looked pretty)





Spring Break Forever, baby




Here’s a roundup of my favorite images of late, Pinterest has been inspiring me lately.

1. The Guggenheim, the one thing I missed whilst in New York

2. Miso tahini avocado toast with black sesame gomasio

3. Adidas Superstar sneeks, seriously coveting

4. Marianela Nuñez and Stéphane Bullion in Swan Lake rehearsal at Vienna State Ballet

5. What I wanted to look like with bangs (instead I looked the same as I did in 5th grade, just a foot and a half taller)

6. Santorini, Greece. Someone take me there ASAP, please.

7. Violet and lemon eclairs



Favorite Things: Post Holiday

1. The Twenty-one Best Daniel Radcliffe Moments: aka my newest celebrity crush


2. Studio to Street Outfits that make me want to spend all the money at Lululemon


3. Tay on a private plane looking super fly with her winged eyeliner and cat, color me the brightest shade of jealous


4. The Best Legs Throughout History (showing Miss Bardot’s here)

Brigitte Bardot

5.  This makes me want to road trip the South


Merry Post-Christmas!


Nutcracker Weekend

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So, this past weekend was my birthday, but more importantly it was Nutcracker. Three days of early mornings, late nights, and dressing rooms full of girls with blisters on their feet and makeup all over the counters. But Nutcracker is my favorite holiday bonding experience, even over cookie decorating. This year I convinced my dear friend Audrey to take part in my old ballet school’s production, she was a myriad of roles (Arabian, BonBons, Snowflake, and one throw on performance of Flowers) and I, at my ripe age of 20, played any and all mother roles (Below you can see my show-daughter, Eni, who is super adorable and also played our Marie).


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Merde Bunheads,