Life Recently


So, I’ve kind of dropped the ball on the whole blog thing. My bad. But school, and work, and college apps (and here I thought I would never have to deal with these again) have me busy. So without further ado, I present to you my parents bathroom, aka the trendiest spot in their house. Also, obsessed with these Frye shoes. Seriously the most comfortable/stylish things I own right now (although I do get a lot of comments from moms saying they had a pair just like mine when they were my age, take that as you will). The best part about them is that I bought them when Urban was having a sale on their sale, so I got them for about $80 which is like the deal of the century.

In other news, it is basically spring here in California. Sorry, entire rest of the country, I know that whole winter thing is rough. Wish you guys could just clear that up for me so that I can enjoy my trip to Montreal and NYC that’s in two weeks (!!!). For now though, I’ll just enjoy leaving the house with only a light jacket on (bonus points to anyone who got that Miss Congeniality reference).






Spring has sprung, babe!



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