Winter Wear

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As you may have read, I am heading back east in two weeks. As you may have seen on the news, the east coast is essentially just one great big heap on snow now. Considering it has been a beautiful 75 degrees and sunny here in the Bay, I have to start mentally preparing myself for temperatures such as, oh I don’t know, 7. SEVEN. SEPT. Urgh, Canada.

I gathered a roundup of clothes (thanks Pinterest) that may actually keep me from freezing while maintaining a certain amount of style. Here’s hoping I can emulate them!







Don’t freeze



Life Recently


So, I’ve kind of dropped the ball on the whole blog thing. My bad. But school, and work, and college apps (and here I thought I would never have to deal with these again) have me busy. So without further ado, I present to you my parents bathroom, aka the trendiest spot in their house. Also, obsessed with these Frye shoes. Seriously the most comfortable/stylish things I own right now (although I do get a lot of comments from moms saying they had a pair just like mine when they were my age, take that as you will). The best part about them is that I bought them when Urban was having a sale on their sale, so I got them for about $80 which is like the deal of the century.

In other news, it is basically spring here in California. Sorry, entire rest of the country, I know that whole winter thing is rough. Wish you guys could just clear that up for me so that I can enjoy my trip to Montreal and NYC that’s in two weeks (!!!). For now though, I’ll just enjoy leaving the house with only a light jacket on (bonus points to anyone who got that Miss Congeniality reference).






Spring has sprung, babe!