A Tale of Two Cities


So, big announcement! I am doing spring break in style this year, Lily and I are hitting up Montreal and NYC in little over a month! Well, Lil lives in Montreal (college and whatnot) so that part won’t be as exciting for her as it is for me, but New York, baby! My aunt has an apartment on the Upper West Side, so that’s where the whole NY in style comes from. I’m picturing all my favorite NY sets (Friends, You’ve Got Mail, Gossip Girl) and predicting that it will be just like that. I will eat yogurt on the steps of the Met, have pizza delivered, and buy sharpened pencils… or something. Basically I’m excited.

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Montreal, on the other hand, I have less of a picture for. I mean, it’s kinda French and old looking but also it’s Canadian, which means hockey and niceness and more hockey? I don’t know the only real ideas of Canada I have are from old episodes of Degrassi and How I Met Your Mother, which I’m fairly certain are 100% accurate.

Anyway, from the little research I’ve done it sounds like the food in good ol’ Montreal is pretty killer. That and that the winters are no fucking joke. But I look to the positive! I get to brush up on my extremely rusty French! Ce est vraiment mauvais.

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Bon Voyage!


*All images curtsy of Pinterest


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