All I Want for Christmas…


I pretty much ignore all those “Gift Guide/Wish List for Her/The Only Time You Can Justify Buying $50 Soaps” blog posts. I think when gift giving you should personalize, not just buy really nice, expensive, but ultimately generic presents. Now, with that said (it was weighing on me), this is my personal wish list. I email my mom these links and she gets the general idea of the type of things I want for Christmas. It’s inspirational! Or something. Basically I just really like to online shop, and this justifies it.

1. Fringed Kimono Jacket- Zara ($59.90)

2. Black Arizona- Birkenstock ($89.95)

3. Transport Tote- Madewell ($168.00)

4. Wayfarer- Ray-Ban ($155.00)

5. Penguin Play Pajama Top- Madewell ($88)

6. Ultimate Leather Jacket- Madewell ($528)

But really, all I want for Christmas is you. 




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