Blustery Kind of Day


It is super windy. Windy and dry and most importantly cold. See, I thought I left this kind of weather back in Chicago, but, oh, I guess I was wrong. Well, I guess it does give me the opportunity to wear my mom’s super old shearling coat and you know how I feel about shearling. Now let me air some grievances: modeling and playing photographer at the same time is ridiculously hard. Seriously, half of these damn pictures made me look all long faced and forlorn. The things I do for this blog, I swear.









Keep cozy!



Favorite Things: Post Holiday

1. The Twenty-one Best Daniel Radcliffe Moments: aka my newest celebrity crush


2. Studio to Street Outfits that make me want to spend all the money at Lululemon


3. Tay on a private plane looking super fly with her winged eyeliner and cat, color me the brightest shade of jealous


4. The Best Legs Throughout History (showing Miss Bardot’s here)

Brigitte Bardot

5.  This makes me want to road trip the South


Merry Post-Christmas!


Lets Play Dress Up


So, you know those night? Those nights where your hanging with your girlfriends and one of them insists on watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”  and your like, yo, I’m just tryna be artsy here. And so you decide to dress up your other friend and take pictures of her? You don’t know those nights? How strange, I thought everyone has them.








Thanks for being my doll, Sam.


Sunday Brunchday


Yesterday, which was Sunday, we had Family Christmas Brunch which is a semi-annual tradition. Now, normally I would not recommend decorating sugar cookies at 9 in the morning, but because this was the only time we could get together (and also, I think, because my mom felt guilty for not doing all the other Christmas traditions this year because “we’re so busy”. psh) we will allow this much frosting this early in the morning. Also, TANGERINE JUICE. So good.







Nutcracker Weekend

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So, this past weekend was my birthday, but more importantly it was Nutcracker. Three days of early mornings, late nights, and dressing rooms full of girls with blisters on their feet and makeup all over the counters. But Nutcracker is my favorite holiday bonding experience, even over cookie decorating. This year I convinced my dear friend Audrey to take part in my old ballet school’s production, she was a myriad of roles (Arabian, BonBons, Snowflake, and one throw on performance of Flowers) and I, at my ripe age of 20, played any and all mother roles (Below you can see my show-daughter, Eni, who is super adorable and also played our Marie).


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Merde Bunheads,


All I Want for Christmas…


I pretty much ignore all those “Gift Guide/Wish List for Her/The Only Time You Can Justify Buying $50 Soaps” blog posts. I think when gift giving you should personalize, not just buy really nice, expensive, but ultimately generic presents. Now, with that said (it was weighing on me), this is my personal wish list. I email my mom these links and she gets the general idea of the type of things I want for Christmas. It’s inspirational! Or something. Basically I just really like to online shop, and this justifies it.

1. Fringed Kimono Jacket- Zara ($59.90)

2. Black Arizona- Birkenstock ($89.95)

3. Transport Tote- Madewell ($168.00)

4. Wayfarer- Ray-Ban ($155.00)

5. Penguin Play Pajama Top- Madewell ($88)

6. Ultimate Leather Jacket- Madewell ($528)

But really, all I want for Christmas is you. 



Pop of Red

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A couple months ago, I saw this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere. At first I was a bit adverse to the look, I mean such a bold color with no makeup to make less severe? Would not look good. But then this nude face look started popping up everywhere, but namely JCrew. And I thought, hey, I’m stylish. I can look like a JCrew model, or at at least copy their makeup.

I also braided my hair to give it some waveee. But I really liked the end result! Minimal makeup for lyfe <3.

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Three weeks till Christmas!