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I have been a bad blogger. No real excuse, it was Mother’s Day, finals are coming up, the dog ate my homework, you know, the usual. But, boy, do I have a treat for you. Not only is there original content, but today I show you the inside of Lily’s home. I basically followed her home and ruthlessly exploited her interior accents which she watched Friends in her living room. So thanks, Lil! This one is for you. And the next one, because did I mention this is going to be a TWO-PARTER? Thrilling stuff, man.












Stay tuned for part-duex,





I’ve heard through the grapevine (the grapevine being my 17 year old brother) that this thing called PROM is fast approaching for those fresh-faced high school senior types. Having done the whole dress, hair, make-up thing not so long ago myself, I thought I’d offer up some advise as well as outfit inspiration.


1. Do not spend more then $100 on your dress. You can definitely rationalize why you think you should (“I’ll wear it again!”, “Prom is only once”, “It may be $250, but I need it in my life”), but when it comes down to it you will not wear this dress again. It will either sit in your closet only to be brought out to play dress up or it will be donated. This is not an investment piece.

2. Try out the trends. When I was looking for my prom dress, I was obsessed with finding something that would be ~*timeless*~. Don’t get me wrong, my dress was cute but prom is not your wedding day. It is a night to show off how hip, young, and funky you are. Plus, if you don’t abide by the trends, what will your future children make fun of you for?

3. Eat beforehand. The food will be disgusting. If your group/date isn’t planning on dining before you go, make sure to at least have a sandwich or something. Hunger is not cute.

4. Take a picture of your made-up face with flash before you that the official pics. When I was doing my makeup for prom I decided to test out Benefits High Brow. Thinking that this was a product to make your eyebrows stay in place all night long, I put the product on top of my brows and not directly underneath them like you’re supposed to. I saw that they basically just made them white, so I wiped it off but that didn’t change the fact that the flash from the cameras brought out the sheen and whited-out my eyebrows. Now, in almost all my photos it looks like I have no eyebrows. So, yeah, take test pictures.

5. If you wanna dance, go shorter. Long dresses are not made for dancing ladies! If you like to boogie, wear a dress that shows some leg. Or go jumpsuit (that works in the whole trend thing as well)!

6. Don’t put to much pressure on the night. There’s a lot of hype for prom, but please don’t buy into it. If prom really is the most magical night of your life, then something in your life has gone horribly wrong. Just kick back, relax, and enjoy a night looking fancy with your best buds.

BeFunky Collage


1. Plunge Front Maxi

2. Backless Jumpsuit *

3. Mono Print Maxi 

4. Appliqué Neckline Long Dress  *

5. Cross Front Dress 

6. Long Layer Dress

7. Combined Tulle Jumpsuit  

8. TFNC Midi Dress 

9. Sheer and Solid T-Shirt Dress  *

* = What I’d wear.

Enjoy kiddies. Also, for your viewing pleasure, a picture from my very own prom.


Katie's Prom (41 of 68)

(You see what I mean about the eyebrows, yeah?)

Favorite Things

PicMonkey Collage

1. Happily Grey’s insta Maldives photos have me salivating for the tropics

2. I made this strawberry-ruhbarb pie for Easter

3. These bookends are minimalist perfection

4. Nina Dobrev is leaving the Vampire Diaries and I’m distraught

5. Love this spiral staircase

6. Statistics on the New York City Ballet which prove how hardcore ballerinas are

7. If Carrie Bradshaw wrote her column in 2015

8. My friend has created Kanye Code for all you Kanye fanatics out there (*sorry no link yet)

9. Tips on getting your blogger visitors to keep following

Happy hump day, y’all


Baker Beach

Today me and my friend, Audrey, went to Baker Beach to get our spring break on. Yes it was sunny and beautiful, but it also had winds at 100 MPH. That may be an exaggeration, although it was really, really windy. We were cold and I got food in my hair. Other than that it was a fab day. Earlier this night, Audrey took me to her fellow company member’s dance production, Touch. If you’re in the San Francisco area, I highly recommend it. The dancers perform around the audience, so you get this really immersive experience which I enjoyed.








Stay sunny, SF




Today was a bright shiny California day so I took roamed around one of Oakland “up and coming” neighborhoods: Temescal. (Tem-eh-scal, not Te-meh-scal) Most of my favorite places, I’m looking at you Bakesale Betty with your crazy changing hours, were closed so I went to Cholita Linda for the first time. Fish tacos + strawberry/mango aqua fresca = delicious heaven. Plus it’s got this fun Miami vibe, which is nice because I would never actually want to go to Miami so this is a nice alternative.








Sunshine forever!